Collective CD ~ Volume One : Delivery Issues?

CD Vol1 Front Cover Image CD Vol1 Back Cover Image
A video from Simon about the delays in CD Delivery (31st July 2022)

Our FIRST ever CD is no longer available for Sale.

We're aware that many of you still seem to be waiting for your Collective CD's.

If this is the case, we'd like you to fill in the form below as soon as you can, so we start to directly track and chase every order that has yet to be received/delivered.

Click HERE to fill in the Missing Items form so that we can investigate and resolve the issue.

A Message from Simon Lubkowski
You've heard my apologies before, and I'm sure you're tired of hearing them, but I am so sorry for the continued issues you're facing - once we have the information we will be chasing EVERY order and making sure that it's resolved as soon as possible. Thanks, as ever, for your support, and I understand how angry and disappointed many of you are,