How we work

How we work

The Collective Virtual Choir has more than 3,000 registered singers from more than 50 countries. Our processes - 'How we work' - have evolved to ensure that we can continue to deliver the Collective Virtual Choir experience for EVERYONE, completely FREE of charge.

This page gives you guidance on how the choir works!


The Collective Virtual Choir provides high quality learning and rehearsal resources for singers. These learning and support resources vary according to the song being rehearsed but they can include:-

  • Audio Guides
  • Video Guides
  • Conductor Guides
  • Scores
  • Rehearsals led by a dedicated Music Team from around the World
  • Single Point of Access to all information and resources through our own, dedicated, web-based App (The Collective App)
  • Technical Support Zoom Sessions as well as Technical Support via Facebook

The main thing about your involvement in The Collective Virtual Choir is that you enjoy your journey with us.

Oh, and did we mention that ALL this comes free of charge?

Our Model

The Collective Virtual Choir uses a THREE R's model:-

  • Rehearse

Attend or watch our Zoom based rehearsals for the song we are working on. Listen to and sing to the FREE audio guides we provide. Read the FREE Score we provide. Enjoy rehearsing with other singers from all over the world!

  • Record

Record yourself singing the song - AUDIO only. There is NO PASS or FAIL in The Collective Virtual Choir - if you can record yourself singing, your recording will form part of the final piece.

  • Reveal

Enjoy the big reveal on YouTube with family and friends - BE a PART of The Collective Virtual Choir - where no one is left behind.


We schedule rehearsal sessions for each song at regular times to try to suit different timezones. These are staged via the popular Zoom Video Meeting application. The content of the sessions is planned by our skilled Music Team who lead and facilitate each session.

At these sessions you can ask our Team questions about the song as a part of your journey in learning to sing and perform the song. Some sessions focus on the performance, some on musical memory, some on other aspects of singing a song such as breathing, notes and words. At some rehearsals you can have the optional ability to sing sections of a song you are struggling with to our Music Team - unmuted - to gain guidance to help you improve.

Some rehearsals are recorded so that singers who are not able to attend an actual session can watch the rehearsal at a time suitable for them.

You can also rehearse, on your own, by listening to our Audio and Video Guide Tracks and by reading the Score for the song being rehearsed.

With some of our songs you get an opportunity to record the song (audio only) to send to the Music Team who will then give you personal feedback to help you improve your performance.

PLEASE NOTE: During our busy festive periods such as Christmas and Easter there are NO Feedback recording stages.

Rehearsals tend to occur in three "stages" or "phases" for each song. During the first stage, or phase, we focus on the simple things - Notes, Words and Breathing. During the second stage of rehearsals we focus on refining the notes, words and breaths whilst starting to look at how to perform the song. in the final stage we refine the performance and record the video for the performance.

OH! Did we mention that all this is FREE of charge?


There is NO PASS or FAIL in The Collective Virtual Choir. If you are able to record and submit to us a final recording of a song, then your recording WILL be included in the completed recording.

All we need you to do is to record your AUDIO ONLY! We record video for the final performance via the Zoom rehearsals scheduled for the final week of each song.

PLEASE DO NOT upload or send video recordings to us. We are a small voluntary team of musicians, singers, coaches and audio/visual technology folk. We do not have the time to deal with multiple formats and we are focussing on delivering a quality video at the end of each song.

Please do not email your recording to us. When we are ready to receive your recordings we will open our "Upload My Recording" feature in our CollectiveApp through which you can send us your recording - direct to our OneDrive!

Please keep an eye on the App for the deadlines for submission of your final recordings since, sometimes (such in our Christmas programme) we are NOT able to accept recordings once the deadline has passed. This is because the timescales are tight for us to put everything together for our Christmas with The Collective and Friends show.


Once we have received everyone's recordings, our dedicated Tech Team will work to bring all those audio recordings together. On average each individual recording needs up to 60 minutes of work to synchronise it with everyone elses and to blend all the audio together. Once that is done, the Video Production Team work to synchornise the audio with the videos recorded during final phases of rehearsals of each song. The whole process can take months!

Once we have the completed video with audio ready for premiere, we announce a live premiere to take place via the YouTube platform so that you can see and hear all your hard work in conjunction with everyone elses.

OH! Did we mention that all this is FREE of charge?